Outdoor Fiber Armored 24 48 96 144 288 Core Optical Cable (GYTY53) Manufacturer

Packaging Details:All of our fiber optic cable package are with export wooden drum. Indoor FTTH  cable\'s wooden dimension is 50x50x32cm, delivery length 3km/drum,  Outdoor fiber optic cable\'s w

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Packaging Details:All of our fiber optic cable package are with export wooden drum. Indoor FTTH  cable's wooden dimension is 50x50x32cm, delivery length 3km/drum,  Outdoor fiber optic cable's wooden dimension is 100cm*73cm*73cm, 0.54CBM, can be load about 44 drums for a 20GP.Also accept custom cable drum from customers. welcome to contact us!

GYTY53 Direct Burial Single Armored Double Sheath Fiber Optic Cable
GYTY53 Fiber Optic Cable Picture 

Manufacturers of Outdoor Fiber Optics Armoured 24 48 96 144 288core Fiber Optic Cable (GYTY53)

Fiber Optic Cable Applications

1.Adopted to Outdoor distribution

2.Suitable for direct buried method

3.Long distance and local area network communication

4.Used outdoor cabling 

Fiber Optic Cable Specifications

1. 2-288 core fiber optic cable / GYTY53 Fiber Optic Cable /  Fiber Optic Cable
2. PE jacket 2-288 core Fiber Optic Cable
3. GYTY53 Fiber Optic Cable
4. Burial Fiber Optic Cable

Fiber Optic Cable Feature Description

 1. Good mechanical and temperature performance
2. High strength loose tube that is hydrolysis resistant
3. Special tube filling compound ensure a critical protection of fiber
4. Crush resistance and flexibility
5. The following measures are taken to ensure the cable watertight
6. Loose tube filling compound, 100% cable core filling
7.enhancing moisture-proof 
8.  Water-blocking material

9. Single Fiber Reinforced Plastic as the central strength memberFiber optic cable cable GYTY53 comply with Standard YD/T 901-2001 as well as IEC 60794-1  

Manufacturers of Outdoor Fiber Optics Armoured 24 48 96 144 288core Fiber Optic Cable (GYTY53)

Fiber Optic Cable Wooden Drum : 

The cables will be shipped on disable wooden or treated wooden drums or Steel reel on wooden drums.

Out packing: Protected by wooden batterns.

PS:The inner and outer ends of cable will be capped and made accessible for testing. A direction

of rotation arrow is marked on the drum together with the identification 
Manufacturers of Outdoor Fiber Optics Armoured 24 48 96 144 288core Fiber Optic Cable (GYTY53)

Fiber Optic Cable Packing and Shipment:

The following printing(white hot foil indentatioin)is applied at 1-meter intervals.

1.Supplier: As cuctomer required

2.Standard Code(Product Type, Fiber Type, Fiber Count): Aerial/Duct/Buried SM/MM xx F

3.Year of manufacture: xxx

4.Length marking in meters

5.Cable ID / Drum No.

The accuracy of marking is ±0.5%. Occasional loss of printing and remarking is in accordance with

Bellcore GR 20 and supersedes earlier marking. Cables can be supplied with a range of single mode

or multimode fibers and customized printing. 

Fiber Optic Cable Testing: 

Mechanical testing of Cables is done to determine the quality of the

Cable to withstand mechanical stresses and strains likely to be encountered in its lifetime. Each

mechanical characteristics can be tested on testing machine for the particular test. 

Fiber Optic Cable advantage:

1.OEM fiber optic cable manufacturer 


3.Quality certification :ISO9001.ROSH.REACH

4.Cooperate with Vietnam  telecom, Thai telecom, Singapore telecom, Dubai telecom and other  big projects

5.We known as the fiber optic cable manufacturer for the excellent products quality, competitive  prices , fast delivery and good service

Why choose us?

1.Introduction of foreign advanced production equipment and technology, have 14 year production experience, 80% employees have more than 10 years experience, excellent enterprise culture and management team.

2.FAST SHIPPING from factory

3.Item shipped in 3-15 working days after payment is received depends on the quantity of the order.

4.We accept T/T, L/C, Western Union, just choose what you like.

5.We accept OEM. The cable size and material are  customized.Ur  own logo and own design are welcome.  We will produce according to ur requirment and description;


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Technical data:
Fiber Num.Outer diameter (mm)Weight (kg/km)Min.Bending radius(mm)Tension (N)Crash loading (N/100mm)
StaticDynamicShort termLong termShort termLong term
2-2412.618512.5 times O.D.25 times O.D.3000100030001000

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