CaF2 Mgf2 Round Bk7 Quartz K9 Optical Glass Window

Round optical glass windows(K9 CaF2,MgF2,Ge,ZnSe,Mono Si,ZnS,quartz)sOptical windows refer to a piece of transparent optical material that allows light into an optical instrument. They are pieces of optical glasses 

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Round optical glass windows(K9 CaF2,MgF2,Ge,ZnSe,Mono Si,ZnS,quartz)s

Optical windows refer to a piece of transparent optical material that allows light into an optical instrument. They are pieces of optical glasses with ground and polished faces that are relatively parallel. Optical windows are applied for protecting fragile optical components inside an equipment, they are adopted to isolate two physical environments while allowing light to pass.

Optical window materials comparison:

BK7Transmission Range:330-2100 nm
Refractive Index:1.564@588nm
Most Popular and low cost
Visible and near IR spectrum applications 
Fused SilicaTransmission Range:185-2500nm
Refractive Index:1.4858@1308nm
Low Thermal Expansion Coefficient:0.54 x 10-6K
UV to IR spectrum
Best choice for thermal resistance application.
SapphireTransmission Range:180-4500nm
Refractive Index:1.755@1000nm
Strong Hardness
Best choice for scratch resistance applications Thinner optics Wide Transmission Range
Calcium FluorideTransmission Range:170-7800nm
Refractive Index:1.399@5000nm
High Thermal Expansion Coefficient:18.85 x 10-6K
IR laser applications
MgF2Transmission Range:120-7000nm
Refractive Index:1.376@700nm
UV laser applications

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CaF2 Mgf2 Round Bk7 Quartz K9 Optical Glass Windows

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Yutai Optics, we specialize in the design and volume manufacturing of high performance optical components such as lens,prisms, windows,filters,mirrors and more for use in optical instruments and laser systems, as well as for military, telecommunications,medical, environment monitoring industry,material is widely ranged from optical glass to IR and UV glass.
    As a Fast-growing supplier in Optics, Yutai Optics offers excellent service and good quality items,our products have been appreciated by many European and American customers,of course we build a long-term cooperation.YuTai Optics has quickly established itself as a leader in optical components from its advanced technology and quality control.

CaF2 Mgf2 Round Bk7 Quartz K9 Optical Glass Windows

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Sells Team
Yutai Optics has a professinal sells team with excellent service, we tracking from inquiry to delivery of items.We try our best to meet each customers'request.             

Produciton Team
Yutai Optics has many experienced engineers and advanced machines, they are the important guarantee for the higher quality products.Our advanced production machines list:
Ring polishing machine, Single axis machine,  Two axis machine, Four axis machine,Centering edging machine,Mechanical milling machine,Spectrograph,  Grinding machine,nanotech.250upl,talysurfi120.
Inspection Team
Advanced testing equipment and methods are important guarantee for the production of high-precision products.Our testing machine is ZYGO, Stereo interferometer,Horizontal interferometer.We provide testing report for each batch for your items.
CaF2 Mgf2 Round Bk7 Quartz K9 Optical Glass Windows

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 1 Package Detail: A. Standard carbon and envelop with plastic foam.
                               B. Safety green carton.
                               C. Customized.

CaF2 Mgf2 Round Bk7 Quartz K9 Optical Glass Windows

2 Delivery Detail: Within 30 days.(Also depand on the quantity)CaF2 Mgf2 Round Bk7 Quartz K9 Optical Glass Windows



CaF2 Mgf2 Round Bk7 Quartz K9 Optical Glass Windows


2 Delivery Detail: Within 30 days.(Also depand on the quantity)

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