1270~1610nm CWDM pigtail for CATV reverse transmission with built-in optical isolator

1270~1610nm CWDM Diode Laser 1-4mW For CATV FeaturesBuilt - in optical isolatorLow capacitance and low dark currentHigh stability of CWDM lasers diodeLow threshold current , low operating currentIntegrated high isolation , low insertion lossApplicationsCATV Reverse TransmissionOther Analog or Digital Optical Trans

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1270~1610nm CWDM Diode Laser 1-4mW For CATV


  • Built - in optical isolator
  • Low capacitance and low dark current
  • High stability of CWDM lasers diode
  • Low threshold current , low operating current
  • Integrated high isolation , low insertion loss

CATV Reverse Transmission
Other Analog or Digital Optical Transmission
Absolute Maximum Ratings
ParameterSymbolMin.Max.UnitTest Condition
Storage TemperatureTstg-40100ºC-
Operating TemperatureTop-4085ºCI=Iop
Laser Forward CurrentIf-150mA-
LD Reverse VoltageLvr-2V-
PD Reverse VoltagePvr 15V 
Soldering Temp--260ºC-
Soldering Time--10S-

Optical & Electrical Characteristics
ParameterSymbolMin.Typ. Max.UnitTest condition
Rated PowerPo1-3mWIth+20mA
Threshold CurrentIth5- 15mACW
Forward Voltage DropVop- 1.01.2V-
Cent Wavelength λcNote 2nmNote 1
Spectrum Width(-3dB)Δλ- 0.51nmCW,-3dB
Side-mode Suppression RatioSMSR35-- dB-
Monitor CurrentIm100- 900uACW, Ith+20mA
Dark Current of Monitor Id- - 100nA-
Optical IsolationISO3040-dB25ºC
Frequency RangeF2.5  GHzRI=50Ω
Cut-off FrequencyFc6  GHzIf=Iop
Relative intensity noiseRIN--155-150dB/HzCW, If=Iop, f=4500MHz
RF Bandpass FlatnessBF ±1.5 dBIf=Iop,45MHz-4500MHz,T=25 °C

Note 1. 2.5Gb/s NRZ, pseudo-random, Pb=0.2mW, Ppeak=1.0mW
Note 2. The selected wavelength is available as follow:
Wavelength (nm) (Tl=Tset) (in vacuum) Tolerance(nm)
1271±2 or ±3
1291±2 or ±3
1311±2 or ±3
1331±2 or ±3
1351±2 or ±3
1371±2 or ±3
1391±2 or ±3
1411±2 or ±3
1431±2 or ±3
1451±2 or ±3
1471±2 or ±3
1491±2 or ±3
1511±2 or ±3
1531±2 or ±3
1551±2 or ±3
1571±2 or ±3
1591±2 or ±3
1611±2 or ±3

1270~1610nm CWDM Pigtailed Components for CATV Reverse Transmission Built-in Optical Isolator


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